Broken Bow

Are You from Dixie?

This sign hangs proud over the cozy hot tub at Dixie Lullaby and inspired the name for our cabin.   My husband Jeff went to school at Austin College in Sherman, Texas.   

He was on the football and track team and a member of the Phi Sigma Alpha fraternity and every time he is with his fraternity brothers they sing and chant “Are you from Dixie?” in a circle and all come out beaming with pride to be part of something bigger than themselves.    

They are from Dixie and so am I and we all have some serious southern pride.   We also LOVE to travel and learn about other parts of the country and the world.   So we ask, Are You from Dixie?   

Come visit us in Broken Bow, Oklahoma at our luxury cabin, Dixie Lullaby and leave us a note in our guest book to let us know where you are from and what gives you pride.   God bless and see you in Dixie!